Construction Management

Construction Management is a professional service providing a project’s owner with effective control of their project. It manages feasibility, cost, programme, procurement, quality, safety, scope and function.
Construction Management works for all project delivery methods. No matter what the setting, a Construction Manager’s responsibility is to the owner and a successful project.
Unlike all other building methods… The Construction Manager:
  • Works solely for the project client.
  • Has no agenda other than the project.
  • Is experienced in a vast range of construction methods.
  • Is accredited to the Chartered Institute of Building.
  • Carries out all of the elements shown on the Services List.
  • Operates for fees tied directly to the level of service required.
  • Holds Professional Indemnity Insurance.
The following article is a broad description of the Construction Management process as carried out by us.
We will take you through its history, why its superior and how it compares to more traditional methods of building. 
You could find it a little tiresome however, so maybe best read at bedtime! 
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Our Pledge to You

To manage your project with a professional and non-partisan approach.
Work in partnership to gain the best from the Building Experience.
Assist you to finish up with the most cost effective project.
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