Almost all construction projects that come to grief do so long before any building work begins. It is in the earliest stages of planning a project that mistakes are made that can lead to an eventual failure.
Commercial Developers, such as pension funds, undertake large scale construction projects such as shopping arcades and industrial estates. Their Project Management team will always include feasibility within their early calculations when considering any scheme. One has to ask… why would they do that?
Most potential Self Build clients begin their projects full of hope and excitement. Unfortunately a few allow that excitement to blind them to fully appreciate the various pitfalls they may encounter. Frankly, some appear to be wearing distinctly rose-coloured glasses.
Pitfalls abound and it is vital that any potential building site is properly examined before a decision to buy, or build is taken. There aren’t many insurmountable problems in construction, only expensive ones!
As experienced Construction Managers SFS Management Contracting would meet with you to discuss your project in detail. Then, using all the tools at our disposal, we could analyse the feasibility of any proposed site or project.
A professional report would be produced detailing all known site problems and possible resolutions, along with any likely basic costs. The report would also contain a viability assessment of any design proposed for that particular site along with a provisional build cost, based on square metre prices and experience.

The following article is an extensive explanation of the Feasibility Process as carried out by us. We will show why it’s essential and how it is carried out. We will try to walk you through the whole process, although why on earth anyone would want to do this themselves, would need very careful self-analysis! 

Our Pledge to You

To manage your project with a professional and non-partisan approach.
Work in partnership to gain the best from the Building Experience.
Assist you to finish up with the most cost effective project.
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