Why should I use a project manager and not a builder?

Simple answer to that question…Who pays the piper!  

Who is the builder working for? If it’s a small one-man band contracting firm…and most are… then they are most definitely working for their own benefit. If it’s a bigger organisation then they are working for either shareholders or for the big boss man, who has a mansion in some quiet country village and drives a top of the market Range Rover.

These building firms earn money by charging as much as they can get away with for as little work as possible. This is fact… and anyone who works in the building industry is privy to that. That it’s a hard life is an understatement! Many people who work in the construction industry are completely knackered by the time they are fifty and if they have not ‘made it’ by then, they are usually consigned to a lifetime of labouring for little money.

So why use a project manager? Well they work for you, just you and no-one else! They have the knowledge and the substance to be able to make your building project go swimmingly well. They will be looking out for your interest and only yours, in everything from helping you to choose the right design, pricing the works and choosing the right team to carry out the build, and then checking that it is all done correctly and to budget.

Yes… but how much will all that cost me?  Well certainly, no more than a contractor would charge you…. Oh yes they do charge for project management. They may call it something different, such as ‘running the job’ or ‘preliminary costs’ or ‘overheads and profits’ but basically it is the sum of money you will pay them to organise your project and to carry out the work.

So what would be best for you then? Some so called builder who needs as much money as he can get to last him a lifetime. Some contracting firm who has to earn enough to satisfy a board of directors and shareholders…or even the latest Range Rover.

Or would it be a project manager, someone who is independent of all that and who works just for you, someone who has the credentials to carry you through all the decisions you need to make and all the tribulations that are bound to come up when you take on a building project. Commercial building clients don’t think twice about using a project manager. They already know that’s the best way to do this. Why don’t you copy their good sense and do the same?


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