The National Self Build Association (NaSBA)

It may help you all to know that there is an organisation called The National Self Build Association (NaSBA) who are working to assist all self-builders in their efforts. The NaSBA membership is about a fiver so it is well worth the money to add to the voice that speaks on your behalf with the government.

The aims of NaSBA are to promote self build as a better method of producing housing stock and their principles are well documented on their website. They even have an introduction from Tommy Walsh of ‘Ground Force’ fame on their ‘Reports’ page.

We all know how hard it is to find a plot and it is made harder by parochial planning views of the NIMBY variety, with the prevailing answer being “NO” to many small self build projects. The Conservatives added a small morsel in their manifesto regarding barn conversions and planning changes, which may help…but that was before they jumped into bed with Nick and his gang, so don’t hold your breath.

If only land was released in small lots by the authorities, some of which they actually own. It would create wealth locally and provide much needed housing stock as well as employment, without huge tracts of land being hacked from the greenbelts by the volume house builders.

There are many small parcels of land in villages and towns throughout the country which are held back by local authorities for reasons which are not always clear to see…perhaps there are ‘local business’ considerations in evidence here. We have all come across what appears to be local mafias operating protectionism within local government. Let’s hope the ‘new politics’ will rein that in a bit.

Joining an organisation like NaSBA could help to persuade the government to act in this area to the good of all. Unless we all pull together, it’s unlikely we will be able to apply any pressure on government to effect any changes.

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