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Bespoke window treatment

Lots of architects specify bespoke oak windows and doors to be left untreated, so that they age to a lovely grey colour. This is all well and good…but manufacturers will not warranty their goods to the end user unless they have been treated with their own particular […]

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Self-Build and Design Exhibition

seminar at the self build and design show westpoint exeter

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Construction Project Management is it an extra expense or a necessity?

Professional Construction Project Management is not an extra expense, it saves the client time and money through efficiency.

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Don’t you just hate it when so…

Don’t you just hate it when someone says that they will get back to you in a few minutes or send an email and then don’t….Urgh…

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Accuracy in pricing works or guesswork?

getting the cost of your project right, feasibility studies can help you get the best for your money

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SFS ManCon has just set up our…

SFS ManCon has just set up our facebook page to promote a better way of building.

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Project Management

What is this and why should we use it for our building project?
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What should we look for?
Can we afford to do this?
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Finding out what it should all cost.
Keeping those costs under control.
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How it can really help a project.
How to do it properly.
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Tender Process

Making sure the build team is properly chosen and prepared.
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Finding the best value materials.
Making sure they stay that way.
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Site Management

Working with the whole team,
helping everyone to get it right.
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CDM 2015 Regulations

Carrying out the Principle Contractor Role For CDM 2015 Regulations
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