Eco Technology / Alternative Energy –vs- Insulation

I have been getting a steadily increasing demand for what is termed Eco Technology (Alternative Energy) in recent years. This is generated partly by people’s desire to act on behalf of the environment and partly on behalf of their own pockets. With fuel prices steadily increasing and not likely to ever return to the levels of the past we will all have to look for more efficient ways to stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

Unless population levels fall dramatically in the next fifty years humankind will be facing shortages in all resource areas such as energy and water. We will also have to manage the waste that we produce in such a way as not to harm the environment and eventually ourselves. One has only to look at both India and China’s growing pollution problems to see the likely future for all of us.

A lot of the supposed new technology is at the cutting edge and needs a great deal more research and development carried out before I certainly would wholeheartedly recommend  eco technology to one of my clients. The figures quoted in great blasts of press fanfare about ‘free energy from the earth or air’ just do not stack up when the machinery actually goes into operation.

It is fairly simple for any new house builder to minimise the cost of heating or cooling a dwelling…. Insulation….Now that is not an oversimplification. If you were to take the average cost of some of the more outrageous bits of eco technology and spend it on higher levels of insulation than those required by law you would be able to live in relative comfort, without the huge energy bills that most of us are suffering under now. (Another great reason to self-build from scratch)

Even in refurbishment, it is possible to increase the levels of insulation and there has been a lot of research carried out on the subject with a great deal of information available to building professionals to help with this.

So instead of treating insulation as a necessary evil as it has been in the past, get your designer to incorporate as high a level as you can afford. It is even cost effective to borrow more on a mortgage to do this than to pay ever increasing fuel bills.

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