Construction Project Management is it an extra expense or a necessity?

It surely makes good sense for an untrained person ,who wants to build their own home, to employ a professional representative to oversee any design and build project, someone who can act as their conduit into the world of construction. Eventually after several projects they would learn enough of the technicalities to be able to understand the process better and to know how and when they can have influence over the procedure.

Commercial investment developers understand this completely and employ the services of Construction Project Managers in the same way that they employ a Solicitor or an Accountant to provide specialist services. It is only when you get clients who are either new to the business, smaller developers, or some domestic self-build clients, that you find people who seem unwilling to form a relationship where they can trust a professional Construction Project Manager to act on their behalf.

It can be frustrating for me in knowing that when a Construction Project Manager is employed on a project it is an aid to all parties. Not only does the Client get someone who can interpret all that is occurring and can explain it in layman’s terms, but the contractor gets someone liaising between them and the client who understands the process and understands their role in it, so you don’t get these silly misunderstandings that you often hear about. In addition the Architect/Designer gets someone acting in liaison who again understands the clients needs and can interpret them in the necessary technical language. Winners all round!

Again, it is strange that on large projects the presence of the Construction Project Manager is both accepted by all and indeed welcomed because of the former comments. However when you get to the smaller projects the Construction Project Manager is seen as an unnecessary expense, when in fact their involvement usually saves money.

Anyone in the construction industry will know that the main source of financial loss in any building project is inefficiency and waste… so the application of technically proficient, logical and scientific management is as important in the smaller project as the larger one. In fact I would say it is more important, as the smaller developer can absorb much less in the way of financial loss than the larger institutions.


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